Automate your retail business

Ant takes the manual work out of your retail backend. When you need to expand your sales channels, automate your inventory movements and dynamically manage your business, Ant has you covered.

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Beautiful, simple integration that works

Real-time inventory syncing

Simple migration that leaves you focussed on what matters

Take the pain out of stock distribution and management with Ant. Whether it’s in-store or online, Ant tracks your stock to know what you have and where it is, keeping everything up to date, in real time.

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Make your stock count

Your stock movements, automated by Ant

With our intelligent rules based logistics and order picking, Ant can pick which location or warehouse to fulfil your online sales order from, in real time.

Say goodbye to complex retail

One simple service, for all your needs

Less of this

Who has time to read a stack of guides filled with technical jargon just to use an app? No one! Ant integrates seamlessly with all your apps and the system is designed to be super simple to pick up and use, no matter who you are.

NOTE: if you do get stuck, our super support staff are here to help.

Ant scales with you. Pay for what you use.

Scale, only when you need to.

We want to grow with you, without those complex licensing models and expensive upgrades. We deliver Ant as a platform online - if you’re growing, we’ll make sure you have the resources you need, when you need them.

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Amazon and Walmart, for everyone else.

We believe that retail is characteristically manual and fundamentally lacks automation. The level of operational efficiency that larger retailers benefit from should be available for all. That's why we built Ant. Ant is the way that all retailers automate processes that involve humans managing data.


Want more ? We’ve got it!

  • Simplified Inventory Centralisation
  • Global redundancy, meaning you’ll never go down
  • Support an every growing inventory, unlimited products
  • We support multiple types of POS or and provide you the ability upload your inventory
  • Product distribution to unlimited marketplaces
  • Realtime Syncronisation and Order Handling
  • Multiple physical outlets, supporting best outlet based ordering
  • Security focused platform provided on world class infrastructure
  • Customer and product insights let you know what's selling best
  • Multiple Logistics Providers, control of selection

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